A half day to feeling pampered

Mind / Body / Soul

A welcoming, relaxing, indulging and nurturing environment for women ready to step into the powerful, wise and kind women they are.

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In this half day workshop you will walk away with an personal understanding of how capable, beautiful and resilient you really are and have learned skilled to release the negative voices and patterns that are saying otherwise. Its your time to feel phenomenal within your body and your mind and lets not forget about feeling it deep inside your soul. 
Get ready to dive into a new level on indulgence, once that feels just so good. Its like eating the yummiest chocolate and not feeling a moment of regret even better wanting and getting more. Because its time you get more of what you actually want! Right?!?
This is a dive into what self care can really look and feel like, no struggling to run the bath then the feeling of missing out on the drinks with the girls. Or trying to journal in the morning but being so tired that you just end up writing I like cats I need more a million times.... just me?
Its time to put in the work and put back into your body and this workshop does both. Not only will you have time to really connect and relax into your body with the most snuggly blanket there is, did I mention its yours to take home? And not only will we work into those pains and problems that are creating disconnect and struggle within your life but you will have these tools and techniques to allow you to recreate them when you are home. Thats why you'll walk away with your Warrior Woman blanket (even a warrior needs somewhere to rest and restore after a long days grind) and the goodie bag that will bring you moments of happiness and relaxation for when you are home. 

Need the details; of course you do! 

Here they are:

Workshop details:




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Released roon



in comfortable gym cloths


We all need time to tapp back into to what brings us joy, into the pleasure of being pampered and the freeing feeling of letting go of all the old crap that is highjacking your energy, mental space and lets be honest sanity. This isn't a spa treatment... for now but what I can create for you is this:
+ An environment that bring your senses alive in the most relaxing and calming of ways.
+ Meditations that bring you into a deep rest within your body
+ Techniques to release the pain and hurt the is locked up within you
+ Tools to curate your own new way of thinking that is so kind and so right
+ The ability to recreate this process at home anytime you feel in need of support.
+ A Saturday afternoon where you get to chill the f out and love yourself the real whole way. 
What does all of this mean for you? It means feeling like her, but not just in the session but as you wander your way home, get into bed, wake up, brush your teeth... you get the idea!


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