As a meditation teacher and coach, I often find myself talking about the breath. Whether I’m leading people through a meditation using breath work, or working with a client and helping them re-ground themselves after a tough discussion or realisation.  We all breathe, so why is it such a big thing to remind people to do? Firstly – take a deep breath In this world of speedy connection and recording our lives on social media, most of us breathe very shallowly, with fast breaths that provide us with just enough air to keep going. We breathe correctly when we need to after exercise or during a tough conversation. Deep breathing is a powerful tool for focus, relaxation, detoxification (it's biological use - bye bye CO2!), and when we sigh it triggers our minds to relax our muscles. Practice pausing – taking a few deep breaths when moving from one activity to another, for example after lunch before you start work or after the gym before you cook. Taking these few deep breaths with your eyes closed, to readjust your body and calm yourself down (even if you don’t feel like you need it), is a useful way of using your breath to help engage yourself in the present moment and set your breathing up for the next task. Why not try it? Just pause, take three deep breaths before the next thing on your to-do list gets done. See how you feel after. 

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