Here is my quick 5-minute meditation that I use in the morning. Whatever your experience level, from a beginner to a confident meditator, give this a go: Begin by sitting somewhere with your back straight, legs crossed and hands placed gently on the lap. This position should be relaxed and comfortable with your body feeling like it is held together but not straining. Your head should be facing forwards in line with your spine. I like to lie at the base of my bed with my back against the bed and facing forwards where there is a window. I generally meditate in the morning before the sun is coming directly through the window.

Close your eyes!

Start by taking deep breath slowly and deeply, holding it for 4 counts after the exhale or inhale. This does a few things. It enables you to reconnect with your breath and to focus on your body’s movements and breath. The counting focuses your mind. Through counting you bring all the attention to one aspect of your body. Do this for a minute or so. Take your time to get your mind and body focusing in on the same thing. If you think it’s been a minute continue for four more breaths so you really get the exercise in.

Then take a while to just breathe naturally (no holding or counting) and focus on the in and out motion of your breath on how your body moves and how you feel the air enter and exit. Focus then on your toes. Moving slowly and with presence put your attention into the different parts of your body as you slowly move up the body. Make sure to take time at each part and really focus on how it feels, what is it touching, does the muscle feel tight? Finish at the crown of the head.

Then take a few more focused breaths, allowing yourself to return to the in and out motion and how your breath feels.

Next bring your attention to your room. What can you hear? Is there a cat purring in the corner, it the radiator making a humming sound? Whatever you hear just observe it. Allow yourself to sit and listen without requiring an opinion or thought from that observation. Then after a little time move your attention to the world outside you room. Can you hear a road? Is there someone in the next room? Just observe these sounds and remain present and aware. Bring yourself back to your breath and take some time just breathing comfortably in your body. When you’re ready slowly and at your pace open your eyes. Well done.


  • When your mind wanders and thoughts come in, bring your mind back to the physical motion. Do not get angry or upset when you realise. If you realise after five minutes of mind wondering just return to the body, no stressing! Just release and return! Your mind is a muscle so if it takes a bit of time to obtaining solid periods of quiet that is normal. Do you instantly lift really heavy weights when you first start weight training? No, you start on small weights and get stronger, well, you start with small periods of silence and they get longer!

  • Don’t check the time, go through the routine and spend what feels right and long enough on each section. Once you have done the whole thing then check how long it took you. Whether your are fast or slow you will naturally get a greater sense of your timing and allow yourself to fill the time out correctly. It’s a hard thing to develop a sense of timing to begin with so don’t stress, do what you think is right.

  • If you miss a day or a so and you haven’t meditated, then don’t stress and don’t view it as a huge scary thing you have to do. Your mind will do everything it can to get you away from what you perceive as scary so remember take baby steps, it’s 5 minutes and if it doesn’t go to plan, so what. You can give it another shot tomorrow. Its there to help you, not give you another chore.

I will write another quick meditation for when you’re in a rush. However, for now give this a little go and see how it feels. Feel free to contact me about how you find it, Id’ love to hear and help.

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