Healing stories

Let the truth of your story set you free.


Fenella explores different topics that can block us from owning or taking ownership of our life stories in her first exploration of some of the stories from her life that have significance to how she navigates her life now. 

Now it's time for some...


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A little more information about why the podcast was created

"Your crown has been bought and paid for.
​Put it on your head and wear it."

Maya Angelou

In this podcast I wanted to explore some of the topics that can get in the way of putting that crown firmly on your head, while talking about my own tumbles along the way. 

Seeing how the world seemed desperate to portray a perfect image of who we should be and how we must live our live It became apparent to me as a coach and just an observant person that we forget to be kind to ourselves more than ever. The the need to please in the way we look, the experiences we have had and how we look through social media is nothing but fuelling this fake news life where we compare ourselves to curated media accounts and ideals someone else gets to set. 

Through my podcast I wanted to explore some of my own stories some whole stories and some just little nuggets. Each focused on a topic that I get to explore play with and see what I really think comes up when we go beneath the simple titles we give to what we are lacking or having. If I am comparing myself to others am I actually in fact giving others power over my opinions and over my self love. If I have power does that simply just mean I am capable and that being capable doesn't mean certainty or expert knowledge but just a little something inside of me that says 'UGG' a phrase I adore to chant meaning YOU GO GIRL! 

My favourite episode to record has to be POWER so far...

By taking a little exploration into what it means to be powerful an image that has been turned into muscle, metal and might nowadays where as it could actually be so much greater and more subtle then that image. Its a little bit of a pep talk to myself and the lady out there. I had spent the day talking about my vulnerability my rawness and my experiences but the POWER story allowed me to show that there really is so much strength in owning your pain, your raw and your silly. POWER is more then just the external and more then just the results you get. It is what sits within you always. That little something whispering 'ugg, ugg, UGG!!'

I am looking forwards to recording the next story which will be a similar format but interview based. Exploring new topics in different ways and with some exciting guests! As always stay tuned on my Instagram {{@fenellapowell}} where I will be showing seek peaks of the recording of the next episode.

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Big love

FP x

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