The journey we go on to explore, develop and become the grounded, well rounded and calm person we are seeking to be can be filled with uncertainty, pit stops and ego trips. The flourish lab is here to help you bypass some of those and give you direct access to what you need. 


The Flourish Lab is where I will host live workshops on a full spectrum of contents to give you the depth and nitty gritty of what really helps you create a tool kit for the confidence, calm and growth I know you are craving. See upcoming events below.


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From the most powerful chess piece to Queen B herself a Queen mindset is a fierce force to wield.

In this live workshop, I will be delving into what makes a Queen a force that we can all harness. From active tools to use within your daily life to deep diving activities that allow us to explore what the queen mindset really needs to look like for the unique Queen you are. 


Like the uniqueness of your fingerprint sois the uniqueness of the Queen you have within yourself. 

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