Hello, it's so lovely to have you here. I am excited to have you exploring my website and taking a peek at my story. I am so ready to tell you about it but first I just need to check a few things before I tell you about myself.


Did you know that you are deserving of love and belonging?


Did you know that you are far more than just a worker bee but a brilliant, beautiful, creative being with ideas and solutions for all the issues you are experiencing?


Did you know that you deserve to be loved and honoured by the people you are in a relationship with? I’m talking partners, friends and family?


Did you know that no amount of trauma and past pain can and will take away from your power?


Big right!? Feeling those tingles of ‘Hell to the YES’ in your mind but you feel the discomfort of knowing that you're not in that place yet?



That is A OKEY lady because a while ago so was I. Here and now please know that I am celebrating you! Celebrating you for putting you first. Are you feeling unsure of whether you are ready to move in this new direction? The investment the uncertainty? Well, let me give you a big hug and know that you have taken the first step; EXPLORATION. It takes guts to be here lady. It takes lady balls to think I'm ready to take that step so 


I just did a Beyoncé dance for you!

And now let those things sink in,


You are worthy of love and belonging

You are the creative and wise person you are craving to work with.

You are deserving and capable of honouring yourself and have your relationships respond in turn.

You are more than your experiences, your pain, your trauma.


You are enough!


You are worthy.


You deserve to feel that.



From my heart to yours I know this is true for you.

“What I didn’t expect but appreciated the most was Fenella's ability to hone into some of the underlying issues that I have suppressed for a good part of my life”

For most of us we live our lives trying to solve the issue that we see but so often it's not the one that is sitting at the heart of our issues.


I see the underlying truth because I spent time looking at the foundations that I stood on, foundations which were unstable and incapable of holding the weight of my power, my heart and my spirit. Do you ever feel that way? Like you get the good stuff in your life and suddenly your out at sea wondering if your in the movie JAWS or Moana?


I knew that feeling, and I remember the night that I spent scrolling and scrolling and scrolling on Instagram desperate to distract myself from the thoughts in my head. I wanted to walk over the balcony of my apartment and jump, I didn’t want to feel anymore. Not my pain, my abandonment, my loneliness and my frustration, my sadness and because this wasn’t me. I was the strong one right, the one who helped everyone else. How was it that I wanting to tap out on my life. The pain, shame and uncertainty of that desire and the turmoil was the uprooting of my past, it showed me everything I was carrying. I was uncertain of whether I ever would receive love, or if I was even deserving of it. I was broken down and broken open. I had let others inform me that I was not enough. Not seeing myself as deserving of anything.


And in that moment of pain, shame and pure sadness I heard my heart. She was so quiet almost a whisper in a gale but unshakable clear. 

‘I am enough

I am stronger then I feel

I am deserving of love and belonging

I am love’ 

(I think my heart reads a lot of self-development books)

At that moment I stripped off my onesie, thew my phone far away, my eyes still raw from the months of crying but at that moment seeing clearer than ever. I looked at myself in the mirror naked, broken, sad and soulful and just repeated those words to myself. With every breath and every word, it was like I remembered who I was underneath the experiences, underneath the pain. I was a powerful being, capable of living IN my love, capable of running a successful business that was here for peoples souls.

Through my broken cracks, I let the light of my heart and soul heal me. Cleansing, Healing, Powerful.


I was not to be underestimated. And neither my love are you.

My mission

My mission is to remind girls and women how empowered, strong and beautiful they truly are. To provide them with tools to allow them to release from past trauma and experiences and enter into a state of mind / body / soul health and prosperity. With as many happy dances along the way as possible.

I have over 13 years experience with mindfulness and meditation which I began teaching during my BSc in Biological Anthropology, which helps me understand the human condition from a physical, evolutionary and psychological angle. I also began learning to coach and support people during this time and continued training and teaching during my masters in public health where I specialised in wellbeing happiness and why the hell we do all the crazy and sensible things we do to try and reach happiness and feel better in ourselves and within our lives. 


Since that night I have rebuilt my foundations, created new and healthier boundary’s and become a force for healing and love. With tools, meditations and curiosity flowing, I am here to help you see what is truly blocking and affecting you. To help you bring it to the light even if it has spent decades hiding away in the shadows. To heal and help you return to your love. To chose your worth, your desires and your heart over the flashing lights of others opinions, media and expectations. Let's get back to the most important thing, you. 

If you’re ready to feel:


So calm and in control that everything runs smoothly and you can be completely present in your relationships (without your mind in a million other places!)


So confident in yourself that the highlight reel other people post on social media doesn’t affect you anymore (goodbye crippling envy at other people’s shiny lives - you’ve got your own shiny life to live!)


So worthy of the love that you smile when you look in the mirror and strike up easy conversations with that person you’ve got your eye on (no more cursing the sight of yourself or avoiding eye contact with anyone you feel attracted to)


So energised by a self-love high that lasts, that you feel at ease in your body (no more obsessing over food or insisting on sex with the lights off!) 


Then this is for you, lady!

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