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As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I have been through the ring. I hid who I was because I was bullied and made to feel like I should be uncomfortable about my capacity to love past gender. I remember having a partner who even said something was wrong with me for being who I am. The idea of coming out was horrible and full of what ifs, sweating and crying to my friends...


But here I am out and proud, honouring of myself and all the work I had to do to break from that crap I was handed when I was younger. You too can be confident in yourself, trusting and empowered by your own powerful love. If you are in need of a coach to support you through any of the stages of becoming honest and truthfully who you are then I have a package just for you. 



Whether you are facing the coming out process and was a cheerleader and someone

to help you work out what you want this process to look and feel like and to

help you in supporting yourself during this trying time. 




You are nowhere near that stage and just want to focus in on finding peace

with who you are if you have come from bullying, unkind family or

relationship circumstances leaving you feeling uncomfortable with

this very intimate part of who you are. 


Your sexuality is just a fraction of the beautiful and powerful person you are. But when that one part of us isn't sitting comfortably within the body of who we are it can affect so much more of our lives. 


If you are interested in this package the details and link to book a complimentary call where we have a chat about where you are and where you are seeking to grow. 


Please note this package is only for people who are committed to returning to self-love and support, those who are ready and invested within this process. If you are not ready to do this then head to




where there is content that will support you in the stages you are now. 



Your peaceful pride

Private coaching-3 month Program

Ready to look in the mirror with pride and love for the beautiful person smiling back at you? 

Ready to be honest and comfortable with who you are from the inside out. No sweaty palms as someone asks about your partner and you have to speed through what to answer so that is none specific. Finding that you get asked about your sexual experiences to vouch for your sexuality instead of knowing you don't have to validate who you are to anyone!?!

This package is for you

Your Investment:
Price plans available on request

Whats included

Coaching Sessions

6x 60-90 minute virtual sessions

Where we explore and uncover what is hiding beneath the surfaces of you beliefs about yourself. What is truly blocking you and create strategies and tools to counter these block that encourage self love, kindness and self analysis skills. 

Coach on Call

I have your back, Im there and ready to keep you supported and encouraged through this whole process and when things begin to fall into place and you are feeling fantastic Im here to celebrate and happy dance with you. 

You can email me at any point within the 3 months about whatever if getting up in your grill and I will get back to you with whatever you need, a cheer, a pep talk. No need to save things up between sessions Im here so you keep moving forwards and keep the moments

Tools Tools Tools

Whatever you need to help you to create that breakthrought I'm here to give you the tools that drive straight to the core of the issues. Whether you need something created just for you or you need to have tools you already know reworked to actually work for you. Im here to get you to your peace. 

So much more....

(you'll have to reach out to find out!)

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