Kind Words

"Fenella is an amazing coach. She helps you learn to understand yourself, she helps you learn to open up and see what is really happening behind the surface. Fenella shows you how  to fall in love with yourself, and see what you are truly made of. 

I knew from day one we would go on an incredible journey together. Fenella was warm, and shone bright as I spoke. She listened and never judged. At every point she allowed me to explore myself fully,  guiding me to heal deep wounds. But she never told me what to do or how to feel, she helped me to find the answers inside, she gave me tools and techniques to take forward. She showed me I could do it. 

My life has been transformed due to working with Fenella!" 

Hannah Clay, Founder of Standing Strong Self-Defence

"My latest session with Fenella was a huge eye-opener. Having worked through other issues with her before I knew I'd be in a safe space, but wasn't really prepared for how intuitively Fenella would help me get to the root of the problem, when I couldn't see the wood for the trees. In the days since I've felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders; I've even dramatically reduced some negative anxiety-induced habits without any effort. No-one else perseveres like Fenella, or routinely improves the quality of the service they provide like she does. I know I can come to Fenella with any problem, no matter how silly or small I think it is, and be wowed by how much better I feel afterwards; and how much better equipped I am to deal with things moving forward."

Emma Shepherd, Freelance Animator

"I don't exaggerate when I say that my three month intensive package with Fenella has been life-changing. I've made slow and steady progress with eating issues this year, and made leaps & bounds when talking with Fenella. She always knows where to probe to help you progress, and her infinite kindness and warmth meant I always felt safe. Fenella's endearing humour brings relief just when you need it most. I feel like a new person, fully equipped with the tools I need to lead my life the way I've desperately wanted to for years."

"At a time where I was in need of help resolve different life challenges, Fenella was there to light up a path and help me on my way. Fenella has shown me a lot of empathy, and consideration, while skilfully being able to comprehend and rationalise as I tried to explain my emotions and what I was trying to achieve.

What I didnt expect but appreciated the most was her ability to hone into some of the underlying issues that I have suppressed for a good part of my life without addressing them. I am forever grateful to Fenella, for introducing me to the power of meditation, practising to take the time out of my day and recognise how I am feeling, and some techniques to address them.

Coming out of our sessions have always been difficult, yet fulfilling experience, as I was able to recognise what I need to work on and felt empowered with the techniques to resolve them."


I consider myself so fortunate to have discovered this wonderful,  warmhearted woman at a time in my life when I had the greatest need.

She listened deeply, mirrored back what I needed to see and hear and encouraged me to dig deep. This was much more pertinent to me than Counselling has been. Wise and committed in her support. I can't recommend Fenella too highly.

Julia, Retired.
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