Private 1-2-1 Coaching

My practice is currently full. I am taking applications for  June 2019. 

I know that feeling when your ready, ready for the change ready to make waves ready to love your life instead of constantly comparing and needing to fill the void of it not really feeling right. 


Its time for the hot bubble bath for your body mind and soul that is working with a coach who knows how to let you sink deep into what filling your need can and should feel like! Powerful, pleasureful and purposeful! 

I hold a set number of coaching spots please fill out this form and we can have a consultation for when a slot opens up. 

If you want to work together or gather more information

I am here to help women through the journey of diving deep into those pain points, the struggle or the things that make you flinch a little for it is here that we find our rawest strength, courage and kindness. 


I am your calm and fierce companion as you explore what these things mean to you and how you chose to wield these abilities you bring into your life. 


I have been told I can see deeply into the areas that are going unseen. The truth we sometimes hide from ourselves and I am very excited to help you uncover what that is for you. 

Because the truth is what sets you free even if we need to rant for 20 mins about how annoying it is before we claim it! (it's about being real, not perfect!)


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111 Gloucester Rd, Bristol BS7 8AT