“Some people can’t believe in themselves until someone else believes in them first.”

Robin Williams, from Good Will Hunting
I believe you can feel that high from life and love with time for your girls, finances in check, your love life feeling juicy and your soul feeling full.
You just love taking time out for you, you feel loved and you know categorically that you are there for you. You got your own back gurl! 
But it is so much easier said than done and it's not like your not trying. But you can't quite get out of feeling :-

- You step informant of the mirror and your eyes go straight to the bits that you beat yourself us about. The lines, dots, wobbles and spots and you walk away feeling that ichy heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach and your self-esteem has plummeted. You feel the tear well up as you wonder what everyone else thinks about you if this is what you see.


- Your so ready to start dating and meet new sexy people but as soon as you see that sexy mo-fo and your eyes meet, your shutters come up and you are glaring at the ground thinking about all those things you disliked about yourself that morning, thinking how unattractive he must think you are. 


- Your internal dialogue is a constant shit show of why you don't deserve that sexy lover and how they would hate your body, personality, uniqueness and would never ask you out anyway. 


- You look into your partner's eyes and wonder if they still find you sexy, if they still enjoy your company or if they are just being nice because HOW could someone like you when you feel like this?


- You go to bed at night worried, stressed and tired feeling like your life is a mess of your life craving the ones you see every day on Instagram and Twitter. 



Because feeling like your life is rigged in your favour and you live with the joy, excitement and thrill of knowing that nothing from your past, your present or ever your future is going to stop you experiencing your dreams is how you want to and deserve to feel. 
But lady let me remind you of a few things you are forgetting:
You had to deal with all the stuff that came up when you were younger. All those nasty experiences the bullies and the shame. You kept going through but the nocks kept coming. 
The Partner who didn't respect you, your body, your love. Who left you with those pain points that seem to get poked whenever you're not feeling great.
That social media profile that just makes you feel like shit every time you see it. And you can't unfollow because what if they realise, how would you explain yourself?
That person who gets under your skin and constantly reminds you how bad you are because they are so great, AT EVERYTHING. 
Your feeling burned out because you are! Physically, Mentally even emotionally just drained and that is your current state but you just don't quite want to own it. 
BUT does that mean that the seriously bitchy voice that is constantly having a bashing mesh get to rule the roost? No lady, time to reevaluate her position as Queen B.  
I know you feel a little uncomfortable with that thought, that you, yes you get to change all of this heavy, sucky, draining feelings. That you can feel happy now even with childhood trauma even with shitty ex's and even with a lifestyle that sucks your life. 
And you know why?
Because in this state you get that desire that drives that need to change these feelings around. That you get to feel like the Queen and not be a servant to her! 


Powerful Restoration


POWERFUL - We get into the deep stuff and I work my magic
RESTORATION - the antidote to burnout
This two hour session with two weeks follow up support is the big dip into the cooling calming pool of chilling the hell out you have been waiting. Its where we dive into the really nagging issues that are scratching away at your sanity and bringing you back to loving your body and life. 

So who am I and How can I help? 

Im Fenella and I run a life coaching and mindfulness business with my mission to be to My mission is to remind girls and women how empowered, strong and beautiful they truly are. By helping them to release from past trauma and experiences and enter into a state of mind / body / soul health and prosperity. With as many happy dances along the way as possible.

Having spent my academic life learning and exploring the human mind, body and soul with the study of Biological Anthropology exploring how we evolved physically, psychologically and culturally. Then continuing into my Masters to study Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health which allowed me to explore wellbeing, happiness and how we seek to achieve these things within our life, successfully and not so successfully. Which means I know how to look, question and explore your happiness to make sure you are going after what you really want and not just what you think you should be wanting. That is where the confidence in going after your dreams comes from (Hint: you)


To date, I have over 13 years of regular meditation and mindfulness under my belt which allow me to teach and support you in developing your own mindfulness practice to support the calm mind and body you are so deeply craving. 


My clients have ended harmful and traumatic behaviours cycles, have released the control that past traumas have on their lives, their relationships and their mental health. They have chosen to love themselves no matter how badly they fuck up and have reached incredible highs because of the resilience that creates within them. 


Im here to help you do the same. 

Here's how we rock + roll

When you book in a Powerful Restoration Session this is what you get:



Created to activate your exploration through specifically curated questions that get you digging into what you need, what (and my favourite) desire! Heart opening questions for your soul-searching.

1 x 90-120 minute intensive

Coaching session

We dive into all the fears, the stories the experiences and everything that is stopping you from living that life that is craving. 

You will leave feeling that lightness and highness that comes from feeling the real wholesome love we can feel for ourselves. 

Email + WhatsApp access to me for 14 days after the session

I'm here to help you process through whatever is coming up after the detoxification of our session. The issues the Aha moments and the celebrations!

Access to a life and 



FP at your service! You receive my full and undivided attention and all my experience and knowledge to help you move from the fog of fear and stress into a clear and calm place of seeing your own power capability and capacity. You will get clear about how to look after yourself moving forward and be crystal clear about what you desire and feel on fire with the ability to get it!

It is time for calm and confidence to be back into your body and mind.
Your investment : £175


To walk away feeling:


+ A new punch of confidence in yourself


+ A powerful dose of your self-love high that lasts


+ The kind of confidence that helps you take back control of your judgemental thoughts and feelings


+ Feel great about yourself and like you’re an awesome human (instead of armed with a long list of things you ‘need to change’)


+ A resurge of self-fulfilment so you can stop self-loathing and kickstart your love for yourself (goodbye mean voice!)

What to expect

A resurge of self-esteem so you can stop self-loathing and kickstart your love for yourself (goodbye mean voice!)


Feel great about yourself and like 

you’re an awesome human (instead of armed with a long list of things you ‘need to change’ about yourself)

It's time for you to take all those weights that are dragging you down and limiting your belief in yourself off your shoulders. Get your self-esteem glowing as you remember what it is that you love what brings you joy and allow yourself to focus in on that. 
When we get into a mindset that is lead by the good and great within our lives we begin to feel that tingling feeling of how great we are and what we can actually accomplish is at our fingertips. 

What do other people say:

Sophie Moloney
Moloney Makes
“I found Fenella’s powerful restorative session when I was going through a rough patch both personally and as a small business owner. After two hours of a touch of mindfulness and meditation, some honest talking, insightful questions, gentle exploration, enthusiastic encouragement and infectious positivity, I came away from the session with an Arsenal of brand new resources for me utilize. Not only that, but she was also available for me to contact and to cheer me on 2 weeks after the session reiterating how warm and caring a person she is. 

Fenella knows exactly what questions to ask, and what direction to lead the session to enable you to explore deep into the root of the issues you need to face in a comforting safe space. I cannot thank her enough”.
'"My latest session with Fenella was a huge eye-opener. Having worked through other issues with her before I knew I'd be in a safe space, but wasn't really prepared for how intuitively Fenella would help me get to the root of the problem, when I couldn't see the wood for the trees. In the days since I've felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders; I've even dramatically reduced some negative anxiety-induced habits without any effort.
No-one else perseveres like Fenella, or routinely improves the quality of the service they provide like she does. I know I can come to Fenella with any problem, no matter how silly or small I think it is, and be wowed by how much better I feel afterwards; and how much better equipped I am to deal with things moving forward."
Emma Shepherd
Freelance animator
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