Open, gentle heart. Big fucking fence.

Danielle LaPorte
It’s time to get up close and personal with those deep-rooted issues that are nagging at your back and keeping you tired, unmotivated and confused.
It's time to allow you to open and feel how brilliant your life is, with a cocktail in hand by working out the difference between what you allow in the fence and what you leave out. 

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."

Joseph Campbell

Ready to enter your cave?
+ You are constantly feeling crappy about your body and shying away from wearing that danme fine dress because of how it shows your tummy?
+ Anxiety blocking you from trying to approach that hottie who makes you drool, just a little.
+ Look at your boyfriend at night and wondering, does he still want me?
+ Sex with the lights off, let alone in fun or exciting places. 
+ Food options kicking off your fear as you worry about the binging that will happen.

Are you ready to feel good in your body? The kind of good that makes you turn the lights on and stand naked and gorgeous informant of your person?

Yes, I said gorgeous - get used to it lady! 

Have past traumas / shitty boyfriends / Social Media dictated how you feel? 

Time to change the script and get you feeling on fire

You are so strong


You are deserving of all the love, sex and magic this world has to offer you


You get to decide how you want to move forward


You get to decide who's opinion you actually value


You get to feel fantastic because you are a bloody fantastic lady! 


Calm & Courageous package 

Calm - We work out how you can bring calm into your busy life.
Courageous - Let's get you remembering how strong and brave you really are. 

This three-month package gives us the time to really delve into all the behaviour, past experiences and learned beliefs that are holding you back. While exploring them we create new beneficial behaviour and beliefs and tool to empower you from your experiences. 

I'm Fenella and I run a life coaching and mindfulness business with my mission to be to My mission is to remind girls and women how empowered, strong and beautiful they truly are. By helping them to release from past trauma and experiences and enter into a state of mind / body / soul health and prosperity. With as many happy dances along the way as possible.

So who am I and How can I help? 

Having spent my academic life learning and exploring the human mind, body and soul with the study of Biological Anthropology exploring how we evolved physically, psychologically and culturally. Then continuing into my Masters to study Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health which allowed me to explore wellbeing, happiness and how we seek to achieve these things within our life, successfully and not so successfully. Which means I know how to look, question and explore your happiness to make sure you are going after what you really want and not just what you think you should be wanting. That is where the confidence in going after your dreams comes from (Hint: you). 

To date, I have over 13 years of regular meditation and mindfulness under my belt which allow me to teach and support you in developing your own mindfulness practice to support the calm mind and body you are so deeply craving. 

My clients have ended harmful and traumatic behaviours cycles, have released the control that past traumas have on their lives, their relationships and their mental health. They have chosen to love themselves no matter how badly they fuck up and have reached incredible highs because of the resilience that creates within them. 

Im here to help you do the same. 

Here's how we rock + roll

When you book in a Calm & Courageous package includes:

1 x 90-120 minute Kickstarter


A coaching session where we deep diving into all the areas of your life and mind that you want to work through and creating an action plan with very in-depth coaching.

5 x 60-90 minute intensive

Coaching sessions

Power packed coaching sessions where we work through everything that is coming up for you as we work through the process of getting you back to feeling happy and confident in your now.

Client Portal

Access to powerful meditations and resources that will support you as you work through this journey. These include Boundaries that work Builder, Affirmations for Joy creating the cheat sheet, Rewriting the lies we have been told and many more.

Email + WhatsApp access to me During our time together

I'm here to help you process through whatever is coming up after the detoxification of our session. The issues the Aha moments and the celebrations!

It is time for calm and confidence to be back into your body and mind.

Your investment: £600

Payment plans available.
The great thing is that you get to check if this process would work for you with a complimentary session where we get to explore what your specific issues are and how I can support you with them. 


To walk away feeling:

+ A newly found glowing confidence in yourself, your body and your abilities because now you remember who the hell you are Queen *In my head I sound like Jonathan Van Ness when I say that!*  
+ The direct line of calm that you can call up anytime you feel the frazzle coming on. Its always there and has everything you need. 
+ Tools that you know to work for YOU and the ability to dive back into all the help and time that new issues arise.
+ Comfort and confidence in the intimate and close relationships that support you in feeling revitalised. Knowing how to grow, develop and 

What will it feel like?

You have your person, your coach, your cheerleader. Through the hard and the good, I will be there celebrating and rumbling with you. You have support, you have your person, I got you, girl. (You should definitely sing that last bit!)


Pockets of real calm will be to appear in your day as you set out growing and challenging everything that hasn't worked for you. Now you feel clear on what you are going to do. Motivated in taking those steps. Confident in your abilities. 

We all have issues, limiting beliefs, fear and so much more stopping us from living the life we want to live let along experiencing all the extra juicy and deliciously pleasurable parts of this world. But not everyone decides that they are done living in a world where those issues and beliefs stop them. Stop them from living the way they want to live. With pleasure and joy and compassion and kindness and you are here reading this because of your one of those people. 


And that means reader that you get to decide, to decide to send a message my way, a message that could begin the biggest shift in your life. A message that could change the way you look at yourself in the mirror. A message that could begin the next chapter of your life with more than a band. But with a battle cry of 'HERE I COME" all in, all you, pure and powerful. Are you ready to become your own power source and lighthouse in the dark nights? To walk into the caves that you have been so afraid to enter and see what is hiding. You already know, so let's face it together. 

What others say about this process: 

"Fenella is an amazing coach. She helps you learn to understand yourself, she helps you learn to open up and see what is really happening behind the surface. Fenella shows you how  to fall in love with yourself, and see what you are truly made of. 

I knew from day one we would go on an incredible journey together. Fenella was warm, and shone bright as I spoke. She listened and never judged. At every point she allowed me to explore myself fully,  guiding me to heal deep wounds. But she never told me what to do or how to feel, she helped me to find the answers inside, she gave me tools and techniques to take forward. She showed me I could do it. 

My life has been transformed due to working with Fenella!" 

Hannah Clay, Founder of Standing Strong Self-Defence

I consider myself so fortunate to have discovered this wonderful,  warmhearted woman at a time in my life when I had the greatest need.

She listened deeply, mirrored back what I needed to see and hear and encouraged me to dig deep. This was much more pertinent to me than Counselling has been. Wise and committed in her support. I can't recommend Fenella too highly.

Julia, Retired.
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